Startup Creator: Supporting Entrepreneurs in Implementing Technology Concepts

Startup Creator

Startup CreatorThe Startup Creator is a German-Indian tech-accelerator that supports entrepreneurs in developing their initial idea towards the implementation of their tech concept.

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Tell us about Startup Creator

Startup Creator consists of very passionate and international team members who all share the vision the boost and help entrepreneurs and early-stage startups with a great tech idea to make their dreams a reality.  We at Startup Creator offer our clients a free consultation with us, during which we develop their idea further, build the architecture and visualize it.  Then, with our core developers team in India, we help them to build their Website or Mobile Application, with the great user interface to meet their needs.  We enjoy working with startups because of the fun environment, great energy, and fast-paced working style.

What was the motivation to create Startup Creator

The motivation to create Startup Creator came to me when I studied 5 years ago with the Indian core team.  We immediately realized that getting started with a tech idea is one of the biggest issues that friends of us encountered.  For example, experienced tech co-founders were scarce and hiring software agencies were far too costly for them.  That’s why we decided to start supporting them, as we had the brains, skills, and motivation in terms of app and web development, and could provide them with these services at minimal costs while still keeping the quality high.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Startup Creator Team

Startup Creator Team

Perhaps the biggest challenge for us is the competition because there is an insane growth of accelerators joining the ecosystem in Europe.  But we have found a way to differentiate from the market, and believe that we have found a way to complement the existing ecosystem, so we don’t take on unnecessary battles but embrace and extend everywhere and everyone except for our core area.

Who is your target customer? Can you describe them?

Our target customer is a non-tech entrepreneur, who wants to turn their idea into a tech startup.

How do you market to your customers?  

Firstly, we focus a lot on our customer experience which follows the principle of staying close to our existing customers, engaging in learning from their actions and feedback, and iterating to improve the experience we are delivering to them.  Secondly, we put lots of emphasis on establishing our brand through content strategies such as having a rich blog on our website, updated social media accounts and SEO.  We also focus a lot on offline marketing activities, such as participating in tech conferences – in September we attended Bits & Pretzels for example! – where we are engaging with the startup ecosystem and gaining new connections.

What are you most excited about at the moment?Startup Creator Team

Currently, we are very excited for the upcoming Web Summit event in November in Portugal. We are excited to be part of the legendary tech event and networking in Lisbon.

How do you estimate the competitive landscape?

As mentioned before, the competition is quite high in the startup world for tech accelerators like us, but we believe that using all the resources available to us and the creative out-of-box thinking helps to stay ahead of our competitors!

Where do you see Startup Creator in two years?

We see ourselves as a leading tech accelerator in Europe and having helped many great entrepreneurs with their projects, from all over the Europe.  By then our goal is to launch 100 startups, and be an opportunity or the ‘push’ they need to make their dreams reality!  We also see our team growing and developing to support this vision and improve our brand.

Why should our readers start using Startup Creator?

We encourage everyone to take the initiative, overcome the barriers and turn their ideas into something that really works!  Here at Startup Creator we want to be the opportunity for entrepreneurs to make something out of their idea, and we do that by offering them high-quality tech services with 80% lower costs than on the market!

You can have your new and emerging startup featured here as well.  Just click here and  we’ll get the ball rolling!


CareerMovr: Tools and Resources to Reach Your Career Goals

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Career, resume help, career management

An online platform for career education and management.


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Tell us about CareerMovr

Before you can go anywhere in life and really accomplish anything, you must define what it is that you want and who do you want to become. Big questions. Then you can begin to map out a path to make it all happen.

CareerMovr is a platform designed to help you answer those questions. We’ve built a curriculum to help you identify who it is that you want to become. What it is that you want to do. Where are your passions and interests? We not only help you answer those questions but we you teach principles to make it happen.

After your path has been created, we teach you how to identify the opportunities in the market, how to connect with those opportunities and how to secure them. We provide resources, information tools and coaching to ensure your success.

What was the motivation to create CareerMovr

Seeing people really struggle in either dead-end jobs, or “working” at something that neither fulfilled or inspired them to do great things. 73% of all employees report a low-level of engagement with either their company or their job. That number alone is proof that people need help identifying what it is that they want to do and achieve, plus strategies and tactics to make it happen.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Our biggest challenge has been launching the platform. We’re still in a development phase and will have an MVP running in January. We have several clients with LOI’s signed, we just need to deliver the product with quality and effectiveness.

Who is your target customer?  Can you describe them?

We believe that we can reach and serve anyone of working age. Middle and High School students, University students, those entering their career as well as those in mid and twilight career stages. So really, just about anyone that is looking for help in reaching their career aspirations.

How do you market to your customers?  Do you have links and social accounts?

We have several social accounts including Twitter (@careermovr) Facebook (@careermovr) as well as YouTube channels (@careermovr). Of course our website ( We also directly contact universities, schools and human resource and outplacement companies.

What are you most excited about at the moment?

I think really, the huge expansive field of opportunity. We’re doing something that is desperately needed for millions of people, not just in the United States, but across the globe.

How do you estimate the competitive landscape?

I think the competition is fair limited. Sure there are a ton of resume writers, career coaches in the market place, but we’re offering something much greater and at a much greater depth of content, strategies, and tactics to make things happen for the client.

Where do you see CareerMovr in two years?

Our goal is to have 100 million users. Two years, we’ll be at 5 million users and growing. At that time, we’ll have fully developed our online community of support and coaching for users to interact with one another. We really see that as the population moves deeper into the gig economy, people will need greater connectivity and support in their efforts.

Why should our readers start using CareerMovr?

They should ask themselves two simple questions 1) Are you happy with what you are currently doing? 2) Do you know where you will be one year from now? If the answer is “no” to either of those questions – we should talk.

Any last thoughts?

Our mission is to help people define who they want to become, identify what they want to do and provide them tools, resources, and tactics to make it happen.


Featuring New and Emerging Startups

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Startup Feature is a series of short interviews with the talented people who are building great new startups across the globe. These startups are changing the way people work, socialize and live their lives.

Through Startup Feature, we hear the original inspiration, motivation, and plans for these startups . Join us by subscribing to our newsletter, and learning more.

The concept of Startup Feature is like a very large virtual campfire. You listen to others tell their story, and then you get a chance to tell yours as well. The stories are all about early stage and emerging startups. That is, we focus on startups that are less than three years old.  Startups from all industries and around the globe – people are creating change through ideas in action.

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